June 5th, 2018 – Dublin, Ireland: Today marks the launch of PosTree, a complete software suite required for hospitality industry. It’ll operate as a single point of contact for restaurants in order to fulfil their technology needs.

PosTree is meant for all sizes and kinds of hospitality businesses viz. Dine In, Takeaway, QSRs, Bar, Café. Small to mid-scale, new or existing restaurants, takeaway, quick service restaurants, deli, and pubs.

Today businesses are required to market themselves and have a strong digital presence. In their struggle to give the best experience to their customers, it often becomes increasingly hard to control costs. By operating in an optimal way and with the spirit of improvisation, restaurants can get the best offline solutions.

Though there are some solutions available to fulfil these requirements, the challenge is multiple isolated systems, integration is either complex or partial and multiple costs are involved. Training is challenging and costly and above all, data security is at threat.

At such a time, a restaurant POS is the only solution. Food tech has enabled the extensive use of restaurant management software/applications across the world.

A representative for PosTree said, “Traditionally restaurants have been using only a single piece of software – Point of Sale (POS). POS software have been around since long time. Since then the technology, the industry and regulations have evolved significantly. The POS systems are still the same viz. archaic, very basic, clumsy and solves only a fraction of the bigger problem – order punching, billing and payments.”

With the advanced technology of PosTree, handling Point of Sale (POS) isn’t a hassle at all. So whether it’s kitchen operations or delivery order management, with the advanced features of PosTree, streamlining your restaurant processes is just a click away.

The software works both online and offline and syncs data to cloud. For data storage, PosTree uses Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure so you can have the peace of mind, knowing your data is in secure hands.

When talking about the offerings of the organization, the representative said, “We are trying to centralize all the activities and bring in efficiency and data leverage. We want to leverage technologies like cloud, IoT, VR in order to build new and innovative products that differentiate ourselves from other products. We don’t merely want to be a technology provider, we will work with restaurant businesses on an ongoing businesses and help them make best possible use of the technology.”

PosTree is supported by Microsoft BizSpark Startup program and IBM Global Entrepreneur program. They are also partnering with other technology companies such as Payment Gateway providers, Google, Zoho etc. to integrate their services with POS system.

Their goal for the future?

PosTree is building localization support for all its products and services, considering expansion in other countries too. Their plan is to build modules for operations, billing, staff management, inventory management, marketing and business analytics in a single suite. They aim to further leverage AI and IOT to increase restaurant profitability.