Everything You Need To Manage Your Restaurant Business

PosTree is a complete software suite required for the hospitality business. It is extremely user-friendly and highly customizable and best suited for Dine in restaurants, Takeaway, Cafe, Quick Service and Bar businesses. PosTree takes care of everything from sales (POS and Online Orders), efficient restaurant operations, takeaway order fulfillment, accounting and business analytics.


Point of Sale modes

PosTree works well Dine in restaurants, Takeaway, Cafe, Quick Service and Bar businesses. Work with separate menus and prices, switch between them instantly.


Online Orders

Now accept online orders for collection and delivery from your customers through beautifully designed website. Use Caller ID to take orders.



PosTree works well with wide range of hardware. You may choose from wide range of hardware or use your existing hardware.


Sales Operations

No matter how you operate, give your customers best experience with quick and hassle free order acceptance, fulfillment and payments.


Works Offline

Don’t let weak and unreliable internet affect your business. PosTree does not depend on the internet to run and syncs data once you are online.


Tablet Ordering

PosTree’s tablet ordering feature allows you to accept orders right from customer's table.



PosTree is designed for making your restaurant more efficient. Manage all your restaurant operations in most efficient and easy to use manner.


Delivery fleet

Fulfill and track delivery orders, assign them delivery personnel and pull daily delivery reports to manage your delivery operations.


Daily Reconciliation

With End of the day reports and delivery reports, you can easily keep track of your cash registers, daily sales and payment amounts.



You can manage your employees, their check in timings and give them appropriate access level to the PosTree system.


Highly Customizable

PosTree can work with wide variety of businesses and workflows. Do not let system constraints to affect your customer experience.



With our integrations with Online ordering system & Payment systems, you can focus on your core business.


End of the day reporting

With End of the day reports and delivery reports, you can easily keep track of your cash registers, daily sales and payment amounts.



With our advanced reporting, you can stay on top of your cash registers, sales and inventory allowing you to identify any problem areas and take corrective actions.


On-the-go reporting

PosTree Web reporting allows you to get an instant snapshot through mobile or website on how your restaurants are performing.


Reports on e-mail

Get all your daily reports on your email after every EOD or close cash.


Cast-Out Report

With our smart reporting, you can pull daily X and Z reports for all your active registers; which enables you to keep a tab on daily operations and financial activities without having to worry about frauds and loopholes in the system.


Delivery Report

Whether you are working with online food ordering companies or delivering in-house; tracking, daily settlement and daily reconciliation is easy, quick and hassle-free. Let your employees focus on other important activities

Postree Restaurant Suite
Postree Restaurant Suite

Why PosTree?

Our fundamental philosophy is to identify and implement solutions to grow your business.

Increased Efficiency

Frequent new updates and features

World class support and training

Ease of Use

Integration with online ordering

Flexibility in use

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What is Postree Business Suite?

PosTree is a comprehensive technology platform for restaurants. Our solutions are customizable, so that you can manage all your activities under one platform. PosTree helps you achieve cost efficiency, reduce manual work and focus more on savings & growth.

Smooth migration to PosTree

We ensure that your business is not impacted even a bit while you migrate to PosTree


System setup as per business workflows

Custom configuration

Complete data migration

Support and training

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Orders Processed


Value of Orders Processed


Customer Satisfaction

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