Amongst the many inventory software programs we see today, especially when it comes to restaurant businesses, POSTREE is hands down, the best POS system for sale today.
We help you track usage, analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis, and figure out when you need to reorder something. With our POS app, every sale or order is recorded to update the inventory and accounts right then and there; you can be in control of inventory, at the cash register itself!

Postree Restaurant Suite

What can you do with a POS system?

  • Analyze food-ordering data.
  • Find out how well everything on your menu sells.
  • Subsequent to the data collection and analysis, adjust your purchasing levels.
  • In accordance with the seasonal food ordering trends, maintaining a sales history could help you adjust all your buying decisions.
  • Improvement in pricing accuracy via integrating credit card authorization ability as well as bar-code scanners with the Point of Sale system.

What Makes POSTREE Different From a sea of other POS system software present in the market today?

Ease of use –
Our feature-rich POS software has a user-friendly graphical interface, making it easy to use for anyone.

Entering sales information –
Our POS machine lets you enter inventory codes automatically through a bar-code scanner. Once the data is entered, the system calls up the standard price, computes the price for multiple quantities, provides a running total, and so on.

Updating product information –
Once you’ve entered successful placing of an order in the point of sale software, the inventory and accounts get automatically updated.

Security –
In any business, the importance of keeping a good eye over cash receipts cannot be overstated. It is the first thing you do to prevent any theft. As part of our POS solutions, we also provide audit trails so that you can trace such problems with ease.

Every restaurant is unique in its own way; getting just an off-the-shelf system to meet your requirements would be taking a huge and unnecessary risk. We offer POS hardware and software packages for restaurant businesses - POS solutions that are tailor-made for this industry, and furthermore, for your business.