POSTREE provides POS or Point Of Sale solutions to various businesses across the restaurant and retail industry. Our computerized system allows business owners to track cash flow, sales, food inventory, in addition to simplifying their bookkeeping enormously!

Postree Restaurant Suite

What Makes POSTREE Such a Great Option For Your Restaurant?

There’s a high volume of credit cards and cash pass through a restaurant every day. With our restaurant POS system, you can keep track of every penny of your sales.
Our restaurant software acts as a credit card processor too, making the swiping of credit cards much more secure for both the business, as well as the customer.
With servers being accountable for all the sales, it is impossible to alter any numbers in the computer, unless one has the password. With our restaurant POS software, therefore, you can rest assured when it comes to fighting employee theft.
Another benefit of our restaurant management software is that it simplifies communications between the wait staff and the kitchen; any orders placed go through the computer, and directly to the kitchen printer.
A great thing about this online food ordering system is that it helps keep track of everything from food usage to the current most popular items on the menu.
Plus, our restaurant POS is fully equipped to help you prepare payroll, as well as organize profit and loss statement and sales tax, saving you tons of money in your bookkeeping department.